What Is NaDCC Disinfectant?

NaDCC is a chlorine organic release agent. It produces HOCl (hypochlorous acid) when it dissolves in water, creating a highly efficient disinfectant. HOCl, which stands for hypochlorous acid is the molecule that macrophages naturally produce to kill any ingested bacteria inside the human body.

The Properties Of NaDCC Disinfectant

– Product Stability

NaDCC in solid tablet form is a form of Hypochlorous Acid and is regarded as a source of stable FAC (free available chlorine). At a molecular level, NaDCC has a triazine ring that is reasonably stable. NaDCC disinfectant resists sunlight, while the chlorine value is also comparatively maintained in cool and dry conditions.

NaDCC Disinfectant Chemical

– Efficient Chlorine Utilization

NaDCC works well even when the temperature of the water is low. When the chlorine content is released, it is thoroughly utilized.

– Effective Sterilization

When NaDCC dissolves in water, only half of the chlorine content is released into the water. The other 50% releases once the FAC is used in the water. Sterilization effects that NaDCC provides are 100-time more effective when compared to sodium hypochlorite. NaDCC disinfectant can also be used to sterilize fabrics and paper as well.

– Reduced Toxicity

According to risk assessments provided by the WHO, NaDCC has a low level when it comes to oral toxicity. For this reason, these products can be safely used to disinfect sources of drinking water. The toxicity of NaDCC is 700mg/kg which means it won’t have an adverse effect on humans and the environment.

The Benefits Of Using NaDCC Disinfectant Tablets

– Ease Of Use

NaDCC in a solid tablet state is easier to employ, store, and handle when compared to aerosols, liquids, or powder form. Tablets do away with the risks associated with spillage that often occurs when using liquid bleach. One can safely mix the tablet with water.

– Keep Pipelines And Water Tanks Clean

NaDCC is an effective product to keep entire pipelines and water tanks clean and safe. It stops algae from forming in a storage tank, maintains the residual chlorine levels, and purifies the water.

– Purify Water

While hiking or camping, these tablets can be used to disinfect and purify water that comes from rivers and lakes. This provides easier access to safe and clean water for washing produce, showering, and drinking.

– Shelf Life

The typical shelf life when it comes to most bleaching items is about six months. NaDCC disinfectants have a shelf life of around five years. They even last for a long time in tropical and humid climates.

NaDCC disinfectant is one of the more stable sources of chlorine. They have a long shelf life and they are also easier to store. These products are also used widely across industrial and domestic applications.

NaDCC for Water Treatment

The Applications Of NaDCC Disinfectant

NaDCC tablets dissolve once added to water where they release FAC into the water. The FAC reacts with microorganisms and destroys them. NaDCC does not have a smell and it is also tasteless. This is why NaCDD is commonly used to safely disinfect water.

– Social

NaDCC is a powerful disinfectant to clean drinking water, swimming pools, and baths. These products are also effective to deodorize and disinfect sewers, drains, and toilets.

– Industrial

As a kind of water treatment chemical, NaDCC is commonly used for fertilizer plants, factories, and power plants. This popular disinfectant is also used during the manufacturing processes of detergents, especially in the chemical industries. NaDCC can also be used to bleach certain types of fabrics while retaining the quality of materials within the textile industry.

– Agriculture

NaDCC is also used widely to stop fungal infections while vegetables and fruits are growing by delivering fresh and clean water.

What Is NaDCC Disinfectant?
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